About This School

Cross Sticks, LLC - The Music School for Drummers Only, was founded on the principle that the best way to prepare students to become outstanding musicians is to teach them to read and write the music that they perform. We use modern music styles with focus on hit songs with great drum tracks by master drummers.

Our goal is to teach our students to be able to teach themselves.

We teach our student's to be able to analyze music with a keenness and understanding that allows them to teach themselves songs either by ear or through written manuscripts. From the start our students are taught as swiftly as they can learn. The pace is fitted for the student and is dynamically responsive to the student's learning needs.

We teach the student to play the drums with traditional and modern techniques. Everything the student is taught and performs is communicated by reading written music and supportive instruction by an experienced teacher. Our focus is on the individual student and their ability to mature musically with increased talent and confidence. By practicing and studying theory and technique the musician finds focus and self-discipline and an ability to perform. This ability to read and perform music allows a musician to develop a great capacity to focus and stay in the moment of time while reacting to implicit direction. These develop aspects of attentiveness that no other disciplines of education offer.

We encourage the student to develop as individual musicians through studies and instruction in theory, technique and performance. We also encourage our students to practice and assist them to develop practice plans that work for them. We encourage them to grow to their individual potential. We believe that our ability to teach is only superseded by our quest to learn.

We are interested in teaching those that want to learn and study music in a very serious manner. Age or experience are not factors of acceptance, we have programs available for just about everyone. We believe in mutual respect, discipline, education, and reaching goals. We have diverse and talented students and believe in cultivating such attitudes