Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age can someone start taking drum lessons?
A: For most children they can start between the ages of seven and eight. However, the youngest we have taught successfully is 4 years of age. Further, the parents need to be proactive and involved in the child's lessons and practice at home to reinforce and encourage progress.

Q: Am I to old to learn to play the drums?
A: If you have an interest and want to learn, then you are not too old. With adult students there are usually many time obstacles that limit practice. We have developed practice methods to get the most out of your limited practice schedule and allow you to gain mastery with your playing and lessons.

Q: What equipment or materials do I need to start lessons?
A: You will need to purchase eventually drum sticks and a music book at a music store to practice. However, for your first lesson all music will be provided and your teacher will let tell you what materials you will need for future lessons and practice. Digital metronomes are also required for students to practice. Please review this basic list of required materials and associates average costs:

       Drum Sticks (Zildjian 5A with nylon tips) approximately $9.00/pair
       Digital Metronome with headphones pproximately $25.00 - $35 .00
       Music Book (To be determined) pproximately $15.00 - $25 .00
       Binder Notebook approximately $5.00

Q: Does the school sell the necessary materials?
A: No, we are only a school. We are not a music store. However, your instructor can tell you where you may easily locate and purchase the necessary materials.

Q: Do I need a drum set to start lessons?
A: No, you do not need a drum set to get started. But it would be better for the student's progress to have and use a drum set.

Q: I don't want to buy a drum set if the student is not going to give it up. What can I do?
A: Some music stores like "The Hunterdon Music Center" in Flemington, New Jersey, rent drum sets. You will have to call them for details. Alternatively, you may be able to find a used drum set buy that fits your budget. Additionally, most manufacturers have beginner packages available priced appropriately.

Q: How should I go about looking for a drum set?
A: First, Please review the Drum Equipment - Brands and Manufacturers in the Resources section of this website. Additionally, music store drum departments like those at Sam Ash and Guitar Center can be great resources to learn about equipment and assist you with your purchase of all drum equipment. Their sales people are usually very familiar with drum equipment.

Q: If I miss a lesson, do I have to pay for it?
A: We have flexible lesson enrollment plans (i.e., The FLEX Plan and The One Off Plan) as well as fixed lesson enrollment (i.e., The Monthly Plan). There is an allowance for one Monthly lesson to be made up for the calendar year. However, if a student enrolled in a Monthly Plan misses a lesson they can get a make up by converting to Flex Plan status for that month for a small additional charge. If you need a flexible lesson schedule, use the Flex Plan or the One Off Plan when enrolling.

Q: Why don't you give "Make-Ups" for lessons in the Monthly Plan that are missed, it seems unfair?
A: We allow our Monthly Plan students one free make-up per calendar year. For additional make-ups, you can convert a Monthly Plan to a Flex Plan for one month for an additional $12.50 charge.