Rates & Plans

All lessons must be paid for in advance. Enrollment must be paid before the 1st of each month. We have plans to fit any schedule. Whether you're looking to a single lesson, or lessons repeating weekly, or weekly lessons with flexibility, we can accommodate you. Additionally, you can receive discounts for longer lessons. Discounts are available for all plans


($30.00 per half-hour lesson)
The Monthly Plans are for students that prefer absolute consistency for a lesson schedule. Drum lessons with our Monthly Plans are scheduled at a recurring time and day for all consecutive weeks in a month.

Enrollment for less than an entire month is not available with the Monthly Plans. For enrollment of less than a full month see the ONE OFF Plans, or for more flexibility see the FLEX Plans.

EXAMPLES of acceptable monthly plans:
   1. For a month with 5 weeks at your scheduled time and day
        the price is $150.00 for the month.
   2. For a month with 4 weeks at your scheduled time and day
        the price is $120.00 for the month.

Note: There is an allowance for one Monthly lesson to be made up for the calendar year. However, if a student enrolled in a Monthly Plan misses additional lessons they can get a "Make-Up" by converting to Flex Plan status by paying the difference of cost at $12.50 for the given month.

FLEX Plans

($197.50 per 45 day term, 6 Lessons that expire at 45 days)
The FLEX Plans allow students the flexibility to buy a small block of lessons and schedule each Individual lesson with the convenience of a phone call. Never miss a lesson.

The minimum session duration requirement is a half - hour.

Lessons purchased with the FLEX Plans do expire at 45 days from enrollment start date.


($40.00 per half hour)
The ONE OFF Plan allows students the opportunity to schedule and take lessons, one session at a time, without any further commitment, obligation or scheduling.