School Program - Private Music Lessons

Our drum school program is designed to help students gain a confidence from accomplishments:

The program has evolved into a program of progressive levels. For beginner students with no experience, we start by teaching proper hand and stick technique as well as foot and pedal technique and proper posture. We also teach our students music theory and to read varied forms of music notation throughout our program. It may sound like a lot of preparation, but all these details are taught during the first lesson and reinforced during future lessons. Additionally, most students complete the first lesson with the ability to read and play drum beats that they will practice with exacting technique until their next drum lesson.

For students that have either played or studied drums previously, we offer a consultation period during the first lesson to evaluate the student�s ability. Then we find a way to meet the student at their skill and knowledge level and build them up by providing them with any drum abilities they may be lacking. We do not want our students to feel compromised relearning material they already know.

With advanced and experienced students often there is a curiosity about specific topics in drumming. We do customize lessons to address specific topics. All lessons are taught to gain our students the greatest skill and knowledge level as swiftly as possible.

Our program stresses development of each student's:

   - Technique
   - Sight Reading
   - Advanced Performance and Studio Methods

Styles that are studied:

  Each style is explored with emphasis to its unique aspects and sub-styles.
   - Blues
   - Fusion
   - Jazz
   - Latin
   - Metal
   - Rock
   - Rudimental Drumming (Percussive Art Societies 40 International Rudiments)

Topics of study are:

   - Hand and Foot Development with Interdependence and Independence
   - Beat, Fill and Rhythm Unity and Diversity
   - Linear Groove Methods
   - Rudiment & World Rhythm Beat Integration
   - Double Bass Drumming
   - 4 Way Coordination & Control
   - Song Development
   - Chart Reading
   - Basic and Advanced Topics in Odd Meters and Time Signatures
   - Soloing